The Warrior's Armpit

from by Cynicism Management

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Idle years-long dangling from the stools of seedy bars
Wide-eyed aimless ramblings etched in multitudes of scars
Great pale warrior readies scores of skills and checks his gear
Lays out all his snares and orders yet another beer

Seeking ancient friendships locking gazes eye to eye
All the good intentions cause your day to go awry
Hours fleet, the mind tricks dispel delusions of escape
What began as hey hullo ends up as mental rape

You hope that you'll be spared but there's no way to get away
You've been tricked and trapped oh Lord indeed you've fallen prey
You'd think that daylight kept this fabled warrior out of sight
But all this barstool bravery needs no cover of the night

Glass-rimmed words run wild and wide their angle of attack
Cruising memory lanes until the ramblings fade to black
Revisited through decades past and yet they still persist
While helpless prey to barstool warrior begs him to desist

Resistance futile eyes light up in glimmerings of wrath
Neighbours to the warrior's armpit wish he took a bath
Up he rises finally righteous anger fuels his fist
Now it's time for all to feel the bang when he gets pissed


from Pendulum Pet, released October 10, 2015




Cynicism Management Slovenia

Cynicism Management is an alternative / progressive rock band (originating from Slovenia but currently located in Berlin, Germany), dedicated to recording worldwide smash hit singles in odd time signatures.

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