Shadow Chasers EP

by Cynicism Management

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Monika Fritz - vocals
Jure Praper - guitar solos
Borut Praper - drums, bass, keyboards, guitar riffs

All tracks written and arranged by Borut Praper. Lyrics by Borut Praper. Vocals co-arranged by Monika Fritz. Guitar solos arranged by Jure Praper. Recorded, produced and mixed by Borut Praper in Studio S.U.R. in Izola, Slovenia (2012) and Berlin, Germany (2013). Mastering by Borut Bernik @ Photos by Borut Praper.

Thanks: all members of the (former) Cynicism Management live line-up back home. Jan Baruca for lending us his studio equipment in Izola. Jure Praper for long-distance guitar solos and moral support. Sunčan Stone for reading the lyrics. Carlos Kolmer, Stojan Kralj, Aljoša Mislej and Andrej Hrvatin for listening.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


released December 17, 2013

Monika Fritz - vocals
Jure Praper - guitar solos
Borut Praper - drums, bass, keyboards, guitar riffs




Cynicism Management Slovenia

Cynicism Management is an alternative / progressive rock band (originating from Slovenia but currently located on Canary Islands), dedicated to recording worldwide smash hit singles in odd time signatures.

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Track Name: Virtual Outcast

I overstayed my welcome in Britannia
My ass got kicked right off Tatooine
As I scratched the Wookiee balls I had back then
I loved the elf transvestite within
Then I grew old and weary
Fed up with the routine
I'm sorry it's a pity but
I found the grind obscene
Now my guildmistress hates me
My icons make me twitch
That's how I learned the lesson
That Azeroth's a bitch

My oh my oh my I have so
Many real life sins
So I apologise for ruining
All the raids I'm in
Raids I'm in

My old armour weighs a bit too much on me
All my weapons crumble with rust
My mount is lame my spaceship has been sold for parts
The crap I've crafted all turns to dust
I cannot beat the goblins
I can't kill any orcs
I've traded all my weapons in
For shovels and pitchforks
Now my guildmistress hates me
My icons make me twitch
That's how I learned the lesson
That Tyria's a bitch

While all the kids are raising hell
On Dromund Kaas
I seethe in the dungeon of Despise
And fail to wipe my arse
Oh my oh my oh my
I bear my real life sins
So I am really sorry
For ruining all the raids I'm in
Raids I'm in raids I'm in
Track Name: Happy Place

My happy place is a place everyone else can see
My mommy has made it for me
As I came to be
My happy place always chases away mommy's blues
A remedy she can abuse
I'm her only news

Pictures of me I'm so cute and my puppy is too
They are all there it's all true
Pictures for you
My happy place is a place for me and all my friends
And here no one ever pretends
Come now see me dance

Horrid a celebration of our
Junk waste deification of such
Distaste a congregation of all
Advertisers hustlers
Leeches hypocrite puritan shits
Vultures willingly we all submit
Dickheads will you exploit us a bit
We're a bunch of mindless sheep

The bastards may be bent on
Censoring the tits
But it's a special place
Where I watch little kids

We're a bunch of retards

We're a bunch of fucking retards
Track Name: Shadow Chasers

This place swallowed by appetites
Larger than life
Defaced past future bleak we're
Succumbing to strife
Our ways stalked by the spawning of
Venomous hordes
Dismayed we aim to salvage
What we can afford

Truth got perverted and impotent
Virtue's been sold
Reason left rotting discarded
High hopes put on hold

Time to leave time to go
Got to breathe for we know
We're chasing shadows tonight
No return such a waste
Final call let's make haste
We're chasing shadows tonight
Track Name: Derelict Playboy Blues

I've been famous, rich
Sought after, adored
The stuff of legends
A playboy bored
Been looked up to
Had the world at my feet
Made many hearts skip a beat

But woe's me
What has happened to hoes for free

All my sex toys
Have been seventeen for years
But now they're gone
Like dead man's tears
I've grown old and
All I'm feeling is pain
As all the coke
Has fried my brain

On top of the world
Drowning in bitches and booze
Now the joke's on me
I'm singing my derelict blues

Why won't you sympathise!?

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